January 23, 2017

Post 86: Martha, Block #58 in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt Sew Along

Martha, that’s my name too!

The Martha block is very much like last week’s Sarah block except the pinwheel is smaller. I think it is a very neat little block. I was happy to see that it is very template-friendly! When you realized the blocks were mostly first names, did you look right away to see if your name had a block? If you found it, did you like it? Mystery Quilt

This is another Mystery 8-1/2 inch block and here is the conversion for From Marti Michell Template Set A, Product #8251:

This is a clue: After this block, there is one more to be revealed. That will be 12 blocks for our mystery sampler.

Here is a HUGE clue to the quilt design: Did you read my blog post "Bear's Paw in the Bee Hive" on November 4, 2016?

The 11 blocks that have already been revealed and the blog posts that include the conversions are listed below by block name followed by From Marti Michell Blog Post Number and Farmer’s Wife Block Number: All of the posts are still on my blog, so if you did not print them out, you can still go back in the monthly archive and read them or print them now.

Caroline, Post #4, Block 20

Old Maid, Post #7, Block 78

Jenny, Post #10, Block 45

Addie, Post #11, Block 1 (Post #11 is the post that has the 8-1/2 inch conversions for the first 4 blocks and is when we decided to do the mystery quilt.  It and Nancy below are in November 2015 history.)

Nancy, Post #14, Block 76

Ava, Post #19, Block 10  (Ava’s conversion not in post 19.)

Cat, Post #22, Block 22  (Cat’s conversion not in post 22.)

Interestingly Post #24 has the conversions for Ava and Cat and picture of Nancy in both 6-inch and 8-1/2 inch blocks in December 2015.

Tracy, Post # 46, Block 97 (Tracy’s conversion seems to be a separate PDF, the link is in the #46 blog post, but you have to click on it, you will not see it until you click on the link – look in April 2016.)

Carrie, Post #58, Block 21, July 2016

Mrs. Thomas/Aunt Gladys, Post #77, Block 74 (The 8-1/2 inch conversion is actually for Aunt Gladys, our Set A substitute for Mrs. Thomas in November 2016.)

Martha, Post  #86, Block 58, and you are reading it in 2017!  We began this quilt journey in September of 2015!

There is just one more block to come and the reveal of the quilt design!

My Martha Block

Click on the image for a larger view. Click the link below to download the Chart for cutting and making Martha:

Visit these other Farmer's Wife Sew Along blogs, too, for sewing tutorials and other info about the Martha block:



The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt: Inspiring Letters from Farm Women of the Great Depression and 99 Quilt Blocks That Honor Them by Laurie Aaron Hird for Fons & Porter/F+W.

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