August 17, 2018

We've been busy!

Sally, my studio associate, is a beginner quilter but a skilled seamstress with a theater costuming background. She's been making Mariner's Compass blocks with me for some weeks and I've shown some of them on Instagram. Believe it or not, it takes Sally about 2 and a half hours to make a 16-point Mariner's Compass!  There are 6 templates in each set and 4 are used to make the 16-point block. 

And no "Y" seams, yay!  

Template set No. 8703 makes a 14 inch finished circle. $25.98

Template Set No. #8704 makes a 20 inch finished circle. $37.98

We've got a bunch of blocks to show you, and they can all be made in both sizes. We're making more blocks and after I return from a teaching tour in Europe this month, we'll have a pattern of quilt layouts to make with them, too! We'll make a fancy announcement when it's available. Aren't these blocks great?! And they're surprisingly easy to make. The instruction booklet starts with the basic 16-point Compass and the 32-point Compass. Instructions are also included for all the variations you see here.

The instruction booklet is the same for both template sets. Inside it you will find:
• Color photos and a coloring page
• Yardage for all positions in one block
• Cutting and sewing 16 and 32 point Compass blocks
• Making split points and halos
• Full size pattern for making a pieced center with fussy-cut option
• Discussion on using mirrors to preview designs
• Finishing instructions include line-and-turn applique for the center circle
• Reverse applique technique for the background square

NEW! Small Flying Geese Ruler

I haven't looked yet, but I bet there are some Farmer's Wife blocks that could benefit from cutting triangles with this ruler. There are 9 sizes of both the large and small triangles needed for Flying Geese units! From 1 x 2 inches to 3 x 6 inches. And you can make the cutest ruler tote with it!  And 12-inch finished size Rising Star blocks using two of the sizes! #8705 $11.98

NEW! 60-degree Fussy Cutter

A shopowner asked us to make a 60-degree fussy cutter, and we thought it would make a great addition to our 60-degree family of tools. It's perfect for centering fabric motifs in 4 sizes of equilateral triangles. Works with all of our hexagon and 60-degree triangle templates and rulers. Product #8702 $12.98

Large 60-degree Triangle Ruler is new, too!

This is our third and largest equilateral triangle ruler, and maybe my favorite because it's so easy to cut large setting triangles with it and use it for large triangles to add interest to designs like A Thousand Pyramids.  #8975  $25.98

Swirlygig Template Set

I became intrigued with this block design and we had so much fun with the prototype templates that we decided surely there were other quilters who would love it, too! It's our newest One-derful One Patch template, and you can pick your favorite construction method in the accompanying booklet to make it. #8649 8649  $14.98


Perfect Patchwork Template Sets

These are not new, but this would be a great time to add to your template collection if you're following Gnome Angel's Farmer's Wife 1920s Sampler Quilt Sewalong, or her Farmer's Wife 1930s Sewalong. The tool list is on my blog here

Details about the 1920s sewalong reboot for 2018 are here. (I made my blocks in groups based on common template sets. Blocks are listed in the order I made them as well as in numerical order as in the book.)

Yes, we have been busy this year!  

And it goes on!  I'll be teaching at the 24th European Patchwork Meeting September 14 - 16 and then we'll travel to Spain to meet with quilters there. Richard's birthday is in October, so we have planned a vacation in between France and Spain! Haven't had one in years! After a flurry of new products, we deserve a vacation, don't you think?