January 1, 2018

Blocks & Tutorials in the 2018 Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt

Welcome to 2018! and #AYearwith1930FarmersWife (the official hashtag!).  If you've been waiting to make a Farmer's Wife quilt, now's the time! Angie Wilson, who blogs as the Gnome Angel, invited us to join a "reboot" of the original sew along with free block tutorials and PDF template conversion charts for rotary cutting almost all of these six-inch blocks with From Marti Michell acrylic templates. Along the way, you'll discover some efficient ways to use your templates, some blocks that do double duty at a larger size, and I'll have a very cute BONUS mystery quilt for you that's made with 8-1/2 inch finished versions of some of the Farmer's Wife blocks!

It's always fun for us to find new ways to use our tools, and we're happy that most of the blocks in The 1930s Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird can be cut with From Marti Michell templates. Our specially engineered corners and perfect 1/4-inch seam allowances make cutting and sewing small pieces easier and more accurate. Info about the tools we used to make our blocks is here on my blog.  To follow this sew along, you will need a copy of the book. Also note that there are over a dozen errors in the book and you will want to refer to the author's errata sheet to be sure you are on track with how you want to work. You can find this PDF in the files on the Farmer's Wife 1930s sampler quilt Facebook group, along with a lot of other helpful info about the group.

We will be sharing the 1930s Farmer's Wife tutorials and Perfect Patchwork Templates conversion charts from the original sew along, which were published between 2015 and 2017, and we'll be completing the sew along in a year this time. (Links to all blog posts for the blocks and charts are included below; please keep reading.) Please read my blog articles as well as Gnome Angel's tutorials, as there may be gold nuggets that will help you make the blocks more easily and accurately, plus some bonus stuff you might like. There are about a dozen errors in the book and we've pointed them out in the blog articles, too. You may want to add a bookmark in your browser so you can find this page again whenever you want to refer to it.

We will not be remaking the blocks, as we have made them all in the previous sew along, but we will provide encouragement to help you finish your quilt in a year. The templates are uniquely numbered and do not match the template numbers in the book, so each PDF includes a key to which of our numbered templates is used to cut the numbered shapes in the block. Our templates and tools used to make the blocks are discussed in my blog post dated January 4, 2018. 

This time the sew along is going in numerical order and Angie has planned for prizes along the way to keep you inspired to complete your quilt by the end of the year.  If you are using From Marti Michell templates to make your blocks, note that there are 7 blocks that are not template friendly. Those blocks are noted in my blog articles when they come up in the queue. If you want to be eligible for Angie's prizes, you MUST make the blocks as shown in the book and in numerical order, and you would make the non-template friendly blocks using another technique.  You can find all the details about the sew along, prizes, etc., here on Angie's blog

I didn't make my blocks in numerical order; I grouped the blocks together based on what template sets can be used to make them (for example, I made my first 16 blocks with Set A, then I made another group with Set B and so on). I also changed a few of the blocks for design or ease of construction reasons and substituted different blocks for those that could not be made with templates so that I could make all the blocks for my quilt using templates. If you make your blocks in the same order I did, and if you use any of our block substitutions, you will NOT be eligible for Angie's prizes. If you decide to work in the order I did, you can make our substitute template-friendly blocks for the blocks that are not template friendly. Skip down to the list below the photos shown here to work in template order.

Making the Blocks in Numerical Order

When you click on the block photo, you will be taken to my block tutorial, which includes the downloadable PDF template conversion chart and links to Angie's tutorial for the same block. Ignore any outdated references, as the articles were originally published two years ago and in a different order from the book. Thank you for choosing to make your blocks with From Marti Michell templates. Have fun making your quilt!

#1 Addie
The Patchwork Trio
#2 Aimee, Alta #3 Alice

#5 Anne #6 April #7 Augusta #8 Aunt

#9 Autumn #10 Ava #11 Bea #12 Becky


#13 Belle #14 Betty #15 Blossom #16 Bonnie



#17 Bride #18 Carol #19 Carolina #20 Caroline

#21 Carrie #22 Cat #23 Charlotte &
Half Blocks
#24 Coral

#25 Crystal #26 Daffodil &
#27 Our Dorothy,
not Dinah
#28 Our Aunt Dolly

http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2016/05/chart-52-doris-block-29-in-farmers-wife.html http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2016/09/chart-67-alice-block-3-in-farmers-wife.html
#29 Doris #30 Emma, our
version of Em
#31 Eva #32 Fanny

Flora is not a template friendly 
block but you can make her using another technique.
#33 Farmer's Wife or
our Paul
#34 Not Fern,
Card Trick

#37 Georgia #38 Golda #39 Grandma #40 Grandmother 

Heather is not a template friendly block.  We made a new block that we called Helen. To be eligible for prizes, make Heather using another technique.
#41 Granny & end
of row blocks

#43 Hope #44 Iris

#45 Jenny
#46 Jewel #47 Joy #48 Judy

To be eligible for prizes, you must 
make Lily and can use another technique.
#49 Katherine #50 Lady


#53 Lucy #54 Magnolia #55 Malvina #56 Marcella


Mary Gray is not a template friendly block but you can make her using another technique.
#57 Margaret
and our block Mabel
#58 Martha #59 Mary

#61 May #62 Milly #63 Mollie & our block Lorna #64 Monette

http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2016/10/chart-75-mother-block-65-in-farmers.html http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2016/03/chart-39-mrs-anderson-block-66-in.html http://frommartimichell.blogspot.com/2016/11/chart-76-mrs-fay-block-68-in-farmers.html
#65 Mother #66 Mrs. Anderson #67 Mrs. Brown #68 Mrs. Fay

We will be updating this article with more photos and links in the next few days. Have fun making your Farmer's Wife blocks!

Blocks Made in the Order of Tools Used 

NOTE: You will not be eligible for prizes if you make your blocks in the following order. 

(Parentheses indicate a second helpful tool) (Scroll down for the blocks listed in numerical order.) Click on the chart number to go to the block tutorial and that downloadable template conversion chart.

Chart 1: Two easy "template free" blocks! Becky #12 (6-1/2 inch Squaring Up Ruler)
and Bonnie #16 (Log Cabin Ruler #8037)

Set A, Product #8251

Chart 2: Aunt #8
Chart 3: Cutting Half Square Triangles HSTs, Swirl Pressing and Betty #14
Chart 4: Selecting Fabrics and Caroline #20
Chart 5: Eliminating Set-in Seams and Belle #13
Chart 6: Eliminating Seams and Coral #24
Chart 7: Cutting Efficiently and Old Maid #78
Chart 8: Piecing Tips, Katherine #49 and Susannah #94
Chart 9: Mirror Image and Granny #41
Chart 10: Parallelograms and Jenny #45
Chart 11: The Patchwork Trio and Addie #1
Chart 12: Margaret #57, Milly #62 and our block Mabel
Chart 13: Aimee #2 and a new block, Alta
One Good Aimee Deserves Another Making Aimee with Set Q
Chart 14: Triangle Grainline and Nancy #76   
Chart 15: Paper Flowers and Jewel #46
Chart 16: Diagonal Block Grid and Sara #90

Set B (Parenthesis indicate a second helpful tool)

Chart 17: Patience #79 and Patricia #80 
Chart 18: Grainline and Grandma #39
Chart 19: Template Cutting Tricks and Ava #10 (Set D)
Chart 20: Try Fusible Applique for Daffodil #26 
Chart 21: Perfect Grainlines and Malvina #55 (Set D)
Chart 22: Setting Triangles and Cat #22 
Chart 23: Priscilla #86 (Just Set D)
Chart 24: Autumn, #9 (Set N)
Chart 25: Joy #47 (Set D)
Chart 26: Lily #51 and our block Lillian (Set D)
Chart 27: Mrs. Morgan #72 (Set D)
Chart 28: Mrs. Brown #67 and Lucy #53 (Set D)
Chart 29: Kansas City Star and Grandmother #40 (Set N)
Chart 30: Heather #42 and our block Helen (Set N)
Chart 31: Dolly / Aunt Dolly #28 (Set D) 

Sets A + C

Chart 32: Scrappy Quilt with Pat's Basket Bonus Block

Deluxe Corner Trimmer

Chart 33: Border Quilt Pattern and May #61

Set S

Chart 34: Measure and Cut Strips the Marti Way for Georgia #37
Chart 35: Block Order and Mrs Keller #69
Chart 36: Half Blocks and Charlotte #23 (Set M) 
Chart 37: Mirror Images and Bea #11 (Set M)
Chart 38: Mexicali Rose, our substitute for Rosemary #88 (Set M)
Chart 39: Mrs. Anderson #66 (Set N)
Chart 40: Partial Seams and Hope #43 (Set M)
Chart 41: Use Log Cabin Rulers for Any Strip Technique and Blossom #15 (Set N; Opt'l L)

Set A + Log Cabin Ruler #8037

Chart 42: Cutting Rectangles and April #6
Chart 43: Emma, our version of Em #30
Chart 44: Nellie #77 and Viola #98
Chart 45: Fabric Key and Fanny #32
Chart 46: Tracy #97 Large and Small
Chart 47: Quick Four Patches and Mrs. Smith #72

Multi-Size Half Square Triangle Ruler

Chart 48: Setting Triangles and Iris #44 (Set A)

Tools We've Already Used

Chart 49: Half-Square Triangles HSTs and Eva #31 -- Set A
Chart 50: Lady #50 -- Sets A, N and Log Cabin Ruler 8037
Chart 51: Anne #5 or our simplified Annie -- Set A + Fusible

Multi-Size Peaky & Spike Template Set #8290

Chart 52: Doris #29 (Sets B and D)
Chart 53: Judy #48 (Sets N and B)
Chart 54: Poppy #83 and our block Pippa (Set S) 

Other Blocks That Benefit from Using Templates and Specialty Rulers

Chart 55: Dorothy, not Dinah #27 (Sets A and C)
Chart 56: Long Skinny Sashing Stars and Augusta #7 (Sets D and B)
Chart 57: Farmer's Wife #33 or our block Paul (Set A and Multi-size Peaky & Spike)
Chart 58: Carrie #21 and Dimensional Carrie (Set Q and strips)
Chart 59: Lorna, our modified Mollie #63 (Sets B and N and strips)
Chart 60: Marcella #56 (Set A)
Chart 61: Primrose #85 (Sets A, N and Half Square Triangle Ruler)
Chart 62: Carol #18 (Sets C and N or D)
Chart 63: Starlight #93 (Sets A, D and N -- Opt'l C or Multi-size Peaky & Spike Set)
Chart 64: Magnolia #54 (Sets A, C and Log Cabin Ruler #8037)
Chart 65: Mrs. Taft #73 (Sets A and C)
Chart 66: Ruby #89 (Set A or Flying Geese Ruler)
Chart 67: Simplified Small Squares and Alice #3 (Set A and Log Cabin Ruler #8037)
Chart 68: Bride #17 (Set E and Multi-size Kite Ruler)
Chart 69: Carolina #19 (Sets C and N or D)
Chart 70: Prudence #87 (Sets A and N or D)
Chart 71: Sylvia #95 (Set Q, 6-1/2 inch Squaring Up Ruler and 3" x 18" Ruler)
Chart 72: Crystal #25 (Sets B and N)
Chart 73: Golda #38 (Large or Small Kaleido-Ruler and Set N)
Chart 74: Peony #81 and our block Double Aster  (Set A)
Chart 75: Soft Edge Applique and Mother #65 (Sets B and D -- Opt'l N)
Bear's Paw in the Beehive Mini Quilt (Sets B and D)
Chart 76: Mrs. Fay #68 got a facelift! (Set B and N or D)
Chart 77: Mrs. Thomas #74 or our block Aunt Gladys + Bonus 8-1/2 inch size (Set L)
Chart 78: Lola #52 (Sets A and D)
Chart 79: Monette #64 (Set A)
Chart 80: Slightly modified Widow #99 (Set B and any metric ruler)
Chart 81: Template tricks with Tirzah #96 (Sets B, N and A)
Chart 82: Directional fabrics and Ruth #84 (Set S)
Chart 83: Mary #59 (Set A)
Chart 84: Stella (or Twinkling Star), our substitute for Mary Gray #60 (Sets A and C or D)
Chart 85:  Sarah #91 (Set A)
Chart 86: Martha #58 and 8-1/2 inch mystery block (Set A)
Chart 87:  Mrs. Lloyd #70 (Set A)
Chart 88: Pharlemia #82 (Sets B and D)
Chart 89: Mystery Quilt Reveal and Sonnie #92 plus 8-1/2 inch size (Sets B and D) 
Chart 90: Card Trick, our substitute for Fern #34 (Set B)

If you have followed the above list of links and made all of these blocks, you will have 95 blocks, the number needed for the quilt layout in the book. We have included 8 to 12 bonus or mystery blocks in some of the articles so you can use those extra blocks in place of the remaining "not template friendly" blocks in the book. Thank you for your support of our products.

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  1. Will this tutorial stay on your blog for some time? Or will it be removed when the blocks are completed? I just learned of this and would like to make the farmer's wife blocks, but I wont be able to start it for several months. It would be nice if I could come back here to use the tutorial along with your templates.