June 29, 2015

Making a Georgetown Star Quilt-As-You-Go Block

This is a block I showed in Lesson 7 on my Craftsy Quilt-As-You-Go class and described as similar to Ohio Star in the way that you would pre-piece sections of the block so that you could use Quilt-As-You-Go techniques from the center square out.

If you are not familiar with my Piece by Piece Quilt-As-You-Go Craftsy Class, or with Craftsy, please use  link to view info about the class and check our great price.

Georgetown Star is a 20-inch (50.8cm) finished block, so 12 blocks and several borders would be nice for a queen size quilt or 16 blocks plus big borders for a King size quilt.

Making One Block

All of the pieces can be cut with From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Template Set T, Product #8203, but if you also own Set Q, Product # 8212, you will also want to use Set Q where listed. 

The engineered corners on our templates make positioning sections for Quilt-as-You-Piece so much easier. (We do also have a Corner Trimmer for 45°angle corners, Product #8064, or a Deluxe Corner Trimmer, Product # 8217, that can be used to cut engineered corners on nearly any corner of ruler-cut pieces. In addition, if you are making enough blocks for a quilt, either of our large Diagonal Set Triangle Rulers would make cutting accurate large corner triangles easier. (We suggest #8968.) We are also giving ruler-cutting sizes for the pieces.
Cut the number of pieces needed:

Pre-piece the following units:
Center the largest square on the batting and backing. Add the B triangles Quilt-As-You-Go, 2 opposite sides first and then remaining 2 sides as shown in Ohio Star in the Craftsy class in Lesson 7.

(The green and brown block I showed was smaller so I had actually pre-pieced the center square and first 4 triangles on that block, but I do not recommend it on this size block.)

As all of the pre-pieced units are triangles, continue adding them to the block as shown.

(You can download a full size pattern piece F - the framing piece - from our website http://www.frommarti.com/georgetown.shtml.) Make a decision about how you intend too prepare the batting in the seamline areas before adding the strips and corner triangles. I would fold back the backing and trim the batting as shown in Lesson 6, minute 5, and fuse the batting to the backing. It won’t hurt to trim out a small square of batting where all of the strip seams will meet on the center side similar to the small squares cut out of corners in Lesson 5, minute 2.

Fabric Estimates for 12 Blocks

2 - 2 1/2 yards background fabric (white)
2 - 2 1/2 yards of fabric for corner triangles and center square
3/4 yards each purple and turquoise fabrics
5/8 yards each of contrasting fabrics for bands
Use assorted backing squares or 4 3/4 yards for matching backings and finishing strips.