October 2, 2015

Chart 1: Ready, Set, Sew! Becky and Bonnie in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sew Along

I am so excited about being a part of the Sew Along with Gnome Angel and all of you! I’ve looked at Facebook pages and heard the buzz, I can’t wait to see your blocks and quilts as we sew along. Here’s a link to the blog post I wrote about the templates and tools that are used the most to make this quilt plus other tools that come in handy.


Click to download your first PDF template conversion chart:

For Block 12, Becky, and Block 16, Bonnie

If you have any trouble locating this PDF on your computer after downloading, copy and paste the following into a search window: 01_Block_12_Becky_Block16_Bonnie.pdf

Also, note that, because we are a US company, our documents are US letter size (8.5 x 11 inches). This might cause a conflict with your computer printer if your default paper size is A4; if you have printing problems, check the paper size settings on your printer.

We had a "two in one sitting" day with Becky and Bonnie. As you can see, we're not piecing the blocks in numerical order. We've organized them by the things they have in common, and we'll be sprinkling in a few surprises along the way, too! I'm making my blocks in reds, blacks, grays and whites.

This is my Becky block, front and back:


And this is my Bonnie block, front and back:


In addition to our template conversion PDF download, you will want to read Gnome Angel's tutorials for these blocks.

A Little Bit About Us

In case you don't "know" me or aren't familiar with the From Marti Michell product line, my husband Richard and I work together. We are often called “pioneers” in the current quilt revival because we were involved in the quilt industry before some of you were born!

If you were quilting back in "the early days" you may remember our first company, Yours Truly, Inc., and your first quilt may have even been our Woman's Day Log Cabin quilt, dubbed the World's Quickest Quilt! (People still ask us about that quilt, so we included the pattern in my Log Cabin ABCs book.)

I’m happy to say I have never lost my enthusiasm for or love of quilts and quilting. If I were to describe my “area of expertise”, I would say I thrive on teaching beginning and intermediate quilters skills and techniques that they will use forever! Since 1995, we have focused on developing From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates and specialty rulers for rotary cutting. It excites me to develop tools that make accuracy easy and help people make quilts they can show with pride. (I think Mr. Reifschneider, my high school geometry teacher would be pleased.) I’ve written (and sold) lots of books and patterns and designed fabric and kits along the way. I’m honored to have received several industry awards, but the best reward is meeting and working with quilters around the world. I’m fortunate to have been invited to teach in all 50 states and 25 other countries.

All of this would not be possible without help and we have a great staff. Patti Bachelder, our graphic designer, is also deeply involved in the blog posts for the Sew Along. Patti is a long-time quilter and before coming to work for us, she was a quilt magazine editor. Harriett Fox is my studio associate and helps with sewing, writing and testing. Helga Kemp is our customer service supervisor. We are located in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Please join me in a big round of applause for Gnome Angel for getting this all organized! And Laurie Hird for writing the book!

Now, let’s have some fun!



  1. Thankyou for the conversion chart to make these blocks easy. Happy Stitching.

  2. Great post and now to work I go! Thank you so much for such a perfect product!

  3. I won't be able to join this quilt-along, and I'm afraid I'll miss some of the conversions. Will a compilation be available at the end?

    1. Hi Sheila - You can download the PDFs to your computer now so you will have them to refer to later on. All you have to do is click on the download links as they're posted each week. If you click on the link and you can see the block conversion chart, you may have icon choices above it (like a printer symbol, etc) -- you can print the file and save it in a notebook, or if you see an arrow pointing downard, clicking on it will prompt your computer to put the file into your downloads folder. If you make a new folder and name it something like "1930s FW template charts", you can redirect the file from your downloads folder to save it in the new folder.

  4. In printing the info for Bonnie, I have the same problem as before. It prints only half of the page from left to right, yet shows perfect when viewed online. Plus, doesn't give the piece letter for 16D - Log cabin ruler piece ?

    1. Hi Sherry - Whoops! I'm so sorry-- we inadvertently left off the Log Cabin letter "A" (capital A) in Bonnie's chart. Thanks for letting us know. It's amazing how many times and how many pairs of eyes have gone over the PDFs and we missed that! As for the printing problem, we've downloaded the PDFs from the blog on both Macs and PCs and printed them with no problem, so I'm guessing it must be something in how your printer specs are set? Sometimes a partial print can mean the wrong paper size was selected in the page setup or printer setup. All of the PDFs are set up for US letter size. I hope that helps.

  5. Your blocks are Gorgeous and your Templates Amazing! ...

  6. I would like the link to Ramblin' Stars pattern. I can see only page 1 of 3. Thanks

    1. So sorry, Sylvia -- We were fixing some font glitches on that page and the link went away! It's back now, right above the image of the pattern. Thanks for letting us know!


    2. Thanks, looks like another project to get underway