February 11, 2009

Shopping in Arnhem

I had part of Saturday off, so Sonja and I walked and shopped in the city of Arnhem, where we were staying. I got a kick out of seeing the little Smart cars. We have some in the U.S., but they have always been more popular in Europe. Here is Sonja next to a vehicle that is really designed for city living, especially for the handicapped. It is so cute, and would be perfect in our American golf cart communities. Bicycles are more popular in European cities, too. There were dozens of bikes parked across the street.

It was sale day everywhere in Arnhem. Two store windows really caught my attention - mannequins had been dressed in shopping bags! They were eloquent. And they made me think it could have been a challenge on the Project Runway TV show, to create a garment out of shopping bags!

Then it was back to business, and quilting. Some of you may know that I am the U.S. spokesperson for Aurifil thread. Since I was in Holland, and Rhinetex distributes Aurifil thread, Elena Gregotti and her assistant Davide Moro flew up for a meeting. We usually get together in the States when they are over for Quilt Market, but that is always so hectic.

Now that this wonderful Italian-made thread is readily available in the U.S., I use the Mako Cotton 50/2 exclusively for piecing. Some people believe in piecing with a scant quarter-inch seam allowance; I think this is because they are using a coarse, thick thread. I say, use Aurifil and sew an actual quarter-inch seam allowance - your patchwork will be flatter and much nicer to quilt. This thread is virtually lint-free, and you can also get more on the bobbin. I love it!

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