February 11, 2009

From Marti Michell's Spring Show Schedule

The hard part of doing shows is all worthwhile when quilters stop by and say "Hi!" It is even better when you say "I love your templates!" or have a story to share with us about quilts you made using our tools or patterns. When you ask for something we don't have, we call it informal market research. We hope to see you - and hear from you! - at one of the following shows. Click on the show name to go to its Website.

February 26 - March 1, 2009
Sewing and Stitchery Expo
Puyallup, Washington

If you live in the Great Northwest or can get there, we would love to meet you face-to-face in our booth #936-938 in the Showplex. Every year, 30,000 enthusiasts confirm that this is a fabulous show for classes, inspiration, entertainment and shopping! Check out the schedule - I'll be giving two 45-minutes lectures on "How to Build a Log Cabin (Quilt)" and "Why Use Six Fabrics in a Quilt if You Could Use Sixty!"

It is very cool for Richard and me that our daughter, Stacy, is a second-generation entrepreneur in the quilt industry. She "is" Shades Textiles, and she will be vending in the adjoining booth. People love her hand-dyed fabrics, but now is also known for her fusible applique designs and Shades SoftFuse. This paper-backed fusible web is so soft, you can't even feel it! Come by the booth and try!

April 17 - 19, 2009
International Quilt Festival
Chicago, Illinois

Booth #1743

From Marti Michell and Shades Textiles will be vending side-by-side once again. We are both teaching, too, so maybe we will see you in a class or at the evening Samplers.

April 22 - 25, 2009
AQS Show
Paducah, Kentucky

Booth #1935, Expo

You guessed it - the very next week, we are side by side in Paducah. Please stop by our booth and say hello.

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  1. I will love to stop by and see you in Paducah if I get to go. I'm pretty sure I will be passing through the area and will only have one day to spend, but it will be a full day looking at the quilts and vendors. I have been before so don't mind just doing one day this time - it will be a treat just to be able to see everything!