February 20, 2009

Las Vegas Strip Quilting

What a trip! Thursday morning, Feb.5 I was off to Las Vegas. It was an easy flight, but repairs are being done on the tram between the D terminal where Delta lands and the main terminal. There is no walking option, you must take the tram. In addition, I think there must have been several planes unloading at the same general time. It took almost one hour to get from the plane through the long lines to the tram to the terminal. At least we did not have to wait for bags at the luggage carousel!

This was a store event. I had been invited to teach at Quiltique, a beautiful store in Henderson, NV. Here I am in the shop with Jan Tabesar, one of the owners.

Quiltique is a unique store with four owners: Jan and her husband Bob and their daughters Jennifer and Kara. Each of them bring special and unique talents to the mix for one beautiful store.

We had an evening trunk show event and then two days of classes. The first was Not your Grandmother's Hexagon which featured a rather new class, Interlocking Hexagons, inspired by our new multi-size Hexagon ruler.

What I can't stop talking about is the Four fat Quarters Log Cabin class on Saturday. This version is shown in my book, Log Cabin ABCs:

The fabrication technique works like a charm if you follow the instructions and this group was spectacular! No one made a major mistake—well, we hate to call anything a mistake—no one chose an alternative method! I felt so lucky! It was probably a signal to hit the strip, but Sunday morning I left town without even dropping a quarter in a slot machine! However, I did hit it big with some new fabric (of course!).

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