April 8, 2020

It's Raining on the Nine Patch Parade

Sad to say, coronavirus has corona-rained on our parade -- but everyone is healthy, no worries there!

As many of us are doing these days, our sewalong partner Angie, the Gnome Angel, is adapting to many changes at home in Australia and we are "working different" here, too, with some staffers connecting to their From Marti computers from home. Both Angie's business and ours are still going strong online; FMM orders are still being shipped the day they are received.

But, given the logistics, we have decided to suspend the Nine Patch Parade and start fresh at a better time down the road.

In the meantime, we will keep the Nine Patch Parade Sew Along marching along in our studios to make it even better when we get the green light!  Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

In Atlanta, there is an organized group of 7,766 sewists making thousands of masks for our local hospitals. We thought you would enjoy seeing some of the cards Patti is making cards to send to her friends who are helping.

We wish you and yours good health.  Keep calm and sew on! 


  1. Where could I get some of these cards?

  2. From Patti -- They were homemade using mostly rubber stamps. "Carry On" et by Stampin' Up (retired but you may be able to find it on eBay or another site). I don't know what company made the crown and sewing machine. The rest I did on my computer printer.

  3. I've been bringing fabrics in from my studio to use for making masks. I was sitting here looking at these gorgeous purple and green fabrics in this Ultra Violet layer cake from Maywood Studios. Who says masks have to be dull and boring!

    1. Yes! If we're all going to be wearing masks, at least let's make them fun to wear! :D