July 27, 2017

Adventures in Hexagons Blog Tour & Giveaway | Welcome to my stop!

If you know anything about me, you know I love making hexagon quilts almost as much as I love Log Cabins! Both quilt families have been perennial favorites of mine, well, for decades! and I've enjoyed watching the humble hexagon’s popularity grow.

So, I was very flattered and happy to say “Yes!” when Emily Breclaw asked if I would be part of a blog tour to celebrate her new book Adventures in Hexagons with C & T Publishing. (You’ll want to visit all the blogs on the tour to get plenty of chances to win a copy of the book!) (Update: the blog tour has been completed.)

I met Emily and her delightful family in Houston when she first started working on this group of quilts -- in fact, she may have been the first person to ask us for a kite template. You may know her through her blog, The Caffeinated Quilter.

Guess what?!

You can make all of the quilts in the book using our templates!

How cool is that?!  To help celebrate the book’s publication, C & T Publishing is giving a copy of Adventures in Hexagons to one lucky commenter on each of the blogs on the tour, including mine!

And WE have a second giveaway here, too!  We will be picking a second winner from comments left here and giving the second winner his or her choice of a hexies tool bundle! Keep reading for some great offers and details on the prize giveaways.

The Adventure Begins

“Adventures in Hexagons” is the perfect title -- the 11 quilts in the book are not like your grandmother’s one-patch hexagon quilts, nor mine! Thoroughly modern, Emily’s quilts really are adventures in using the same shapes in new ways. I chose a few favorites to share with you here, like “Loverly” with its sweet hexagon hearts.
Images of the book and the quilts are courtesy of C & T Publishing.
Copyright © 2017 by C & T Publishing.

And I love how “Hello Orion” uses six-pointed stars in a different way. 

I especially like “Twinkling”, made with what we call Kites and Crowns. (We’ve got rotary cutting templates for the matching diamonds and hexagons and 60-degree equilateral triangles, too.)

Emily has covered a lot of territory, too, from ways to make the 11 quilts to sewing Y seams by hand or machine. Y seams aren’t hard -- I not only sew them by machine, I pivot as I go -- and we love seeing them discussed and sometimes even embraced, by modern quilters. There are lots of great quilts and sewing tips in Adventures in Hexagons along with yardage charts, paper patterns and a design primer to start your own adventure. And, of course, we love that you can make everything with our tools!

Our 60-Degree Family Loves These Quilts!

If you already have some From Marti Michell 60-degree tools in your quilting supplies, you can use your Set G, H and Kite and Crown templates to make the quilts in Adventures in Hexagons rather than the paper patterns in the book!  We love it when people who already own our tools can use them in more projects! A cool bonus in the book is the chart on page 102 for figuring yardage -- you can write the appropriate template numbers in the “Notes” column for a handy template reference!

Just as Emily does in Adventures in Hexagons, we measure hexies on a finished side because it is the only measurement 60-degree shapes have in common. You can learn more about our 60-degree family of tools in this 2-page PDF (you can look at in your browser or download to your computer)  or on our website (where all of our 60-degree tools and other products have their own web page). 

The quilts in Emily's book and the template sets you can use to make them are given in the descriptions below.

Giveaway! and Special Offers

Our template winner can choose Bundle #1 or Bundle #2 below!

We’re offering 3 money-saving bundle deals during the blog hop so you can get started on your next favorite hexagon quilt. These From Marti Michell tool bundles will be available only during the blog hop and expire at midnight your time on August 12, 2017.

Bundle #1 The 2-inch Bundle of 2 template sets, Product # 8319
  • From Marti Michell Template Set G (based on 1- and 2-inch finished shapes) and the 2-inch Kite and Crown set.
  • Use these tools to cut pieces for the Loverly, Stardust and Moonbeams quilts.
  • Special bundled price: $31.96

Bundle #2 The 3-inch Bundle of 2 template sets, Product # 8320
  • From Marti Michell Template Set H (based on 1-1/2- and 3-inch finished shapes) and the 3-inch Kite and Crown set.
  • Use these sets to make Independence Day, Meteor Shower, Confetti in Times Squares, Sparkler, Starburst, Twinkling, Hello Orion, and Superstar.
  • Special bundled price: $27.16

Bundle #3, The Big Bundle, Product # 8321 (not eligible for giveaway)
  • All 4 tool sets in Bundles 1 and 2
  • Plus a copy of my book Six is for Hexagons, Volume 6 in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks series
  • Special bundled price: $72.72 (Save $18.18!)

Comment for a Chance to Win!

We will choose 2 comments using a random picker on August 6, 2017. One comment per person, please. C and T will send our first winner a hard copy of Adventures in Hexagons if the winner is a US resident or an electronic copy if the winner lives outside the US. We’ll be sending the second winner their choice of Bundle #1 or #2 above. If the winner has a US address, prize includes free shipping. If the winner lives outside the US, he or she will be issued a PayPal invoice for the actual cost of shipping and pay using PayPal or any major credit card).
  • Answer the question "What's your favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern?’ below, and tell us if you want to win Bundle #1 or #2 if you win.
Bookmark this page and come back here on August 6 to see if your comment was selected!

Update ~ The giveaway is closed now and Lisa Boyer's comment was randomly picked to win the C & T giveaway and a copy of Adventures in Hexagons.  Ramona's comment was our template bundle winner!  Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment :)

Adventures in Hexagons Blog Tour

Visit the blogs and comment on each one for more chances to win a copy of the book and some other surprises. All the blogs will pick a comment and winners will be announced on August 6, so hop to it!

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  1. I like tumbling blocks because of the optical illusions.

  2. My favorite traditional hexagon is of course, grandmothers flower garden. However, I'd love to do with with scrappy flowers and a red background. I would choose bundle #1. Thanks.

  3. My favorite traditional hexagon is Grandmother's Flower Garden but I am a long-time fan of Emily's designs. I think Loverly will be my first project from her new book.

  4. Nothing traditional going on with this quilter! My first/current 1"hexie quilt is intuitively modern. Bundle #1. lutzcats (at ) yahoo (dot) com

  5. Grandmothers flower garden is still my favorite traditional hexagon pattern.

  6. I am partial to Texas Star as a hexie pattern.

    :) Linda

  7. I have been wanting Set G for some time now.....thank you for the chance to win! The new book looks like fun too.

  8. I have always loved the Rose Star you have shown on your template package. I would choose bundle #2 if I were lucky enough to win.
    The quilt on the cover of Emily's book is just lovely! Thanks for the chance.

  9. The only pattern I have worked with is the traditional grandmothers garden block. I would like prize #2 that has the larger template pieces. The book looks very interesting. It may inspire me to update some of the patterns in some of my older books. Thank you for the inspiration.

  10. Grandmother's Flower Garden is my favorite traditional hexagon pattern. My grandmother made me one that I treasure! Bundle #1 would be my choice of bundles.
    Emily's quilts are amazing. I think Loverly will be my first endeavor from this book :)

  11. I think I would like Set H - thanks for the chance - I don't really know the names of hexagon quilts I just like them when I see them

  12. I love Emily's book and how wonderful that Marti's tools work to make the projects!! I would love the opportunity to win one of the tool bundles. The answer to the question of my favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern would have to be Grandmother's Garden (but I have to confess, I prefer the modern spin that the traditional quilts are given in Emily's book). Good luck, everyone!!

  13. Love your blog and the Adventures in Hexagons book!!t favorite traditional hexagon quilt is the flower garden one! I would love the Bundle #1- the scrappy kites looks like it would be so much fun to make!! Thank you!!

  14. Love your blog!y favorite traditional hexie quilt is the one that looks like flowers all over (flower garden!) I love the bundle #1 with the scrappy kites- looks like it would be so much fun to make!

  15. I love grandmother's garden! Hardest part of quilting for me is deciding on the patterns- so many beautiful ones!!!!

  16. I am glad to have this chance again, I would like bundle number 1. Thanks, I love my hexies.

  17. Grandmother's Garden is my favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern. I saw it once with lots of red and it had a light yellow background. Lovely. I have only made one item with hexagons - a denim game board pillow top thru Alida's Play with Me QAL last year. Was challenging but fun. I'd like to get more experience with them - thanks for the chance. Bundle #2 would work best for me!

  18. I haven't made any hexie projects yet. I would choose #2.

  19. Emily's new book sounds like a treasure trove of information and ideas! I admire the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilts of the 30's, but the scrappy hexagon medallion quilts always catch my eye <3 So beautiful, and tiny piecing. I'd love to add Bundle #1 to my collection of FMM templates.

  20. So far my favorite traditional hexagon patterns have been Grandmother's Flower Garden and Tumbling blocks, but I am anxious to try something new! I love your templates!

  21. So far my favorite traditional hexagon patterns have been Grandmother's Flower Garden and Tumbling blocks, but I am anxious to try something new! I love your templates!

  22. Love most hexagon patterns except Grandmother's garden. But hey I don't like sunbonnet Sue either! Love your templates. pjrquilter at msn dot com

  23. I love hexagons. I really enjoy the good old grandmas garden or grandmas garden with a star variation. If I were a winner I would pick the #1 bundle. Thanks for your blogs and tutorials.

  24. My favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern would have to be the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt. If I was picked I would choose bundle #1.

  25. I've only gotten started on a Grandmother's Flower Garden, which I'm thoroughly enjoying. I look forward to branching out, though, and this book looks like a great place to start.
    If I'm the lucky winner, I'd choose Bundle 2, I suppose. Thanks for your generosity.

  26. I don't have a favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern. If I won I would like bundle #2. Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. I love hexagon quilts and all variations, but I think my favourite is one called "Rose Dream". It looks very complex but so pretty! Definitely on my "to-do" list!

  28. Those look like great projects for using your terrific templates!

  29. I love the rose star block. Sooo pretty! I'd probably choose bundle 2. Thanks for the great giveaway!


  30. Hmmmm... I love hexies, I'm addicted to them! I love the Grandmother's Flower Garden, and I recently finished quilting one I call Hexie Diamonds and I'm also working on one called Hexie Insanity. So I'm not sure I really have a favorite, as long as it has hexies in it! :)

  31. I have most of your templates and enjoy using them. Looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Love the Orion quilt!

  32. I don't have a favorite hexie pattern, but the hexie quilt I've made that is my favorite is the Candied Hexagon quilt

  33. I have seen a lot of hexie quilts, but don't really know their names. The only one I have made was a Grandmother's Flower Garden block for my first sampler quilt.

  34. I've only ever made Grandmother's Flower Garden, but these variations look wonderful. THanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  35. I love the Hello Orien pattern! The quilt looks like the Milky Way, with stars being born, distant stars, stars supernova-ing (is that a word?) and some black holes. What a perfect name. Thanks for the giveaway.

  36. Thanks for your information. I am fasinated by all your templates. I love the twilight quilt so I will have to go with group 1 of your Hexi templates.

  37. Well, since I've only recently fallen in love with hexies, I'd have to say the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern. I don't follow the traditional rule to have a path between flowers-makes it more interesting, I think.
    I'd like Bundle #2; I think I want to make Hello Orion!

  38. Love your templates, and adventures in hexagon looks like fun!

  39. My all time favorite is Grandmothers Garden, probably because I have the quilt my grandmother made! Would love Bundle #1. The smaller the better for me!!!

  40. My favorite "traditional" pattern would probably be Grandmother's flower garden but I love the new modern patterns and am anxious to get my hands on this book! I would love to win bundle #1. Thanks for the giveaway!

  41. I m not so traditional with the hexagons, but would love to try some in Emily's book. I'd like the #2 set if I'm chosen.

  42. My favorite hexagon pattern is Grandmothers Garden. I would opt for bundle #2.
    rozz01 at cox dot net

  43. I like the stack 'n' whack pattern where you produce a lot of lovely hexagons! Is it traditional? If i'd win, i'd prefer the Bundle #1, 'cause I already have the Set H and this is a realy awesome tool. Happy Quilting!

  44. I would like to make Hello, Orion for my youngest daughter who leaves for college in 2 weeks to become an astronomer. What a great gift this would be.

  45. I would love to win bundle #2. Love grandmother's flower garden but would be interested in trying other patterns.

  46. I really want to make an Antique Rose Star Quilt one day.

  47. What's your favorite traditional hexagon quilt pattern? I like the flower garden patterns.

    tell us if you want to win Bundle #1 or #2 if you win. Bundle #2


  48. My favorite to date is the Hexagon 6 pointed star I completed and framed. Working on the quilt now.

    Bundle #2 would be great to win.

  49. my favorite is Grandmothers Flowergarden - saw so many different versions - each and every was beautiful.
    I'ld love to win bundle # 1
    Brigitte Baierl

  50. My current favorite Hex pattern is Grandmothers Flower Garden, but that could change if I am lucky enough to win the drawing for the book. If I win, I'd like to have bundle 2. Thank you Marti for the giveaway.

  51. I love diamond hexagon quilts. I'd choose Bundle #2.

  52. I have always loved the Grandmother's Flower Garden. If I win the bundle prize, I would pick bundle #2.

  53. I've always admired the Hexagon Diamond quilt patterns. Each diamond carries their own color and is set off so beautifully against a solid sashing or background. Bundle #2 would be my first choice, but I'd be happy with either!

  54. I'm VERY confused by your lettering system for the Patchwork Templates :-( I want to make 12" Storm at Sea Blocks. Which template sets do I need to buy? Also, which Encyclopedia book applies, if any? I apologize for my confusion.

    1. Hi Gayle, This is a great question. The short answer is, if you want to make a Storm at Sea quilt, you would use pieces in Set B with the Storm at Sea templates to make a 12-inch finished block (a nine patch with diamond units on two adjacent sides -- this is key). If you want the diamond border on all 4 sides for a pillow, you'd use the S@S pieces with shapes in Set A for a 12-inch finished block. You can see illustrations of this on our website here -


      S@S isn't in any of our encyclopedia books because the template set comes with a lot of info about using them for quilts.

      The longer answer is -- Our lettering system began in 1995 with Sets A through E. Set A is based on a 3-inch finished square and smaller shapes that fit inside it to make 3-inch finished sub-units in a larger block (a 12-inch finished four patch, a 9-inch finished nine patch).

      Set B has the very same pieces; it is based on a 4-inch finished square. So a four patch would be 16 inches finished, a nine patch would be 12.

      Set C has additional shapes that fit with pieces in Set A. Same idea for Sets B and D. Set E makes true 8-pointed star designs. Those first five sets can be used to make loads of traditional quilt designs, so after that, whenever I wanted to make a quilt and there were no templates available on the market, we added new sets to the line in alphabetical order.

      Many people asked at shows if we had templates for Storm at Sea. The answer was "yes and no". The S@S diamond is not a true 45-degree diamond; it's more like 53-1/2. I would show them how I cut the S@S diamond with the big "Peaky & Spike" triangle in Sets C and D, and it's on our website if you want to give it a go --


      But I understood why people wanted the real thing. So almost 20 years after Sets A and B were introduced, we designed the Storm at Sea "companion set of just the 2 pieces needed that match up with pieces in Sets A and C.

      I hope this helps. :-) Storm at Sea is one of my favorite designs. Have fun making yours!