May 23, 2017

Week 11: Long Time Gone Sew Along | Half-Square Triangles Block 2

Use Template Set B, Pieces 8 and 12 for the squares and 13 for the Triangles (unless you cut them last week like I did).


Yes, if my Half Square Triangles, Block 2, looks familiar it is because the triangles were cut at the same time as HST Block 1, from the same 2-1/2 inch strips! If you haven’t already cut and chain pieced 28 HST pairs, do it now and press the seam allowances toward the dark.

Cut one B-8 square for the center and four B-12 squares

Arranging Pieces

As I followed the layout on page 18 something seemed amiss. I finally decided to rotate 2 HST units and I was much happier. Then I looked more carefully at the quilt picture and, sure enough, my new block arrangement matches the quilt. Take a look at the 1st square, 2nd row and last square 5th row on page 18 and in the quilt before you sew.


I was so fascinated with my thread supply, or lack thereof, that I failed to take a picture of the block before I started sewing.

Do you think I can join all of the pieces into pairs before I run out of thread? No? I don’t think so either, but let’s try. For the record, I managed to sew 7 pairs (approximately 18 inches).

I chain-pieced pairs vertically and pressed every other seam in opposite directions to create opposing seams.

Then I joined the pairs to make units of 4 HSTs or 2 HSTs and 2 squares. When I joined the pairs of pairs, I continued to make opposing seams by pressing the seams on one vertical row up and on the next row down. (I tried swirl pressing the four-patch units, but it conflicted with the opposing seams and just wasn’t worth it.)

Then I joined those units into three vertical rows 2 squares wide by 6 long. Finally I joined the vertical rows together. Here is my finished block with sashing strips and the single row of checkerboard attached.

I’m getting excited about putting more blocks together. I’ll go ahead and make a 3 x 10 checkerboard, combine it with a Bow Tie block and have Section 3 (page 28 in Jen's book) completed before next week.

If you need tips on strip piecing scrappy checkerboards, I included some quick techniques at the end of Week 8 on my blog (click here)

More About Half Square Triangles Block 1

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