November 7, 2016

Chart 76: Mrs. Fay, Block #68 in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt Sew Along

Psst, did you hear? Mrs. Fay got a facelift! 

There is a template conversion chart on the PDF if you want to make Mrs. Fay as shown in the book. However, if there is one thing I didn't want to do, it was a set-in square in the center of a 6-inch block!

I thought about dividing the block into 4 identically pieced triangles, as I wanted to keep the strong gold parallelograms seam-free.

That was a cool idea… but so "Not Me" to divide the center square and add seam lines!

Then I thought, how about this instead…

But, if we are doing away with set-in seams to make construction easier, why not also eliminate cutting and sewing mirror-image parallelograms and really give Mrs. Fay a facelift? If you want to do the mirror-image parallelograms, don't forget to cut them with fabrics right sides together (see my blog posts for Charts 25 and 26 in the January 2016 archive at right).

So, we chose to make Mrs. Fay with Four Patches and Flying Geese units. Download the template conversion chart for more details.

My Mrs. Fay Block 

Click on the image for a larger view. Click the link below to download the Template Conversion Chart for cutting and making Mrs. Fay:

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The Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler Quilt: Inspiring Letters from Farm Women of the Great Depression and 99 Quilt Blocks That Honor Them by Laurie Aaron Hird for Fons & Porter/F+W.

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