September 12, 2016

Chart 68: Bride, Block 17 in the Farmer's Wife 1930s Sew Along

Mini Fresh Cuts 
34 inches square, made by Faye Heyn

The Bride block is very template–friendly if you own From Marti Michell Template Set E, Product #8255 and the Multi-size Kite Ruler, #8158. That being the case, we can’t help but put in a plug for owning those very versatile tools.

Set E is the basic set for making 6- and 12-inch quilt blocks that feature the 8-pointed stars made with 45° diamonds. It is a great opportunity to show off your skills with set-in seams. Pair Set E with Volume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Product #8345. We think Volume 3 has the best collection available of blocks using 45° diamonds. There are 55 block designs—some in as many as 3 sizes!

Volume 3 by Marti Michell

While Volume 3 includes the Bride's Bouquet block (the classic name for this block), it's actually the Kite Ruler booklet that includes the most complete instructions for making Bride's Bouquet in 3 sizes. The booklet that comes with the Multi-Size Kite Ruler also has instructions for six other classic blocks, which you can see on the package cover above. There are 2 designs that pair with Set E and 2 with the Kaleido-Ruler, all in multiple sizes.

And if you really love the Bride's Bouquet block and making miniature quilts, you'll love the second page of the PDF that you can download below. It includes paper patterns of our template shapes, the swag pattern and yardage for the mini quilt featuring 9 darling 6-inch blocks that is shown at the beginning of this article. 

My Bride Block

This block is made with our Template Set E and the Multi-size Kite Ruler. 

Click on the image for a larger view. Click the link below to download the Chart for cutting and making Bride and the Bonus Mini Fresh Cuts:

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