June 13, 2016

Chart 55: Dorothy, Not Dinah Block #27 in the Farmer's Wife Sew Along

Dinah is a 52 piece block. She is not really template friendly. We could make Dinah using templates -- 27D is A-7 double-cut, 27E is A-7, 27 H, I and G pieces could be cut with the multi-size Peaky and Spike template set. 27A, B and F pieces would be easy to cut oversize and trim down. The end result just did not seem worth the effort.

So, we are replacing Dinah with a new block that we're calling Dorothy. My Mother had two friends named Dorothy who were both farm wives in the 1930s and both of them had children who were my friends. I was in the 4-H with the daughter of one and went to the Homecoming Dance my junior year with the son of the other. We all went to the same church.

Dorothy borrows Dinah’s best feature, the pinwheel Square Within a Square center, and allows it to be the design feature in the block. Dorothy is made with 24 pieces and is cut with template Set A.

My Dorothy Block

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