December 11, 2012

I'm sorry the blog has been inactive for so long -- a result of my being so active for so long! I've done a lot of traveling to teach, met some terrific people and been to at least one country I never dreamed I'd be visiting: Dubai! I've also been busy designing new quilts and coming up with new products for the From Marti Michell tool line. (Like the Long Skinny Sashing Star Set for Peaky & Spike sashing stars.) I plan to come back and share some great quilts and great stories soon, but I wanted to let you know we're running a "12/12/12" sale. Not to mark the end of the Mayan calendar! But because I'm fascinated by chiasmus.
From Wikipedia: ...the figure of speech in which two or more clauses are related to each other through a reversal of structures in order to make a larger point; that is, the clauses display inverted parallelism.
12/12/12 isn't really chiasmus because it doesn't read backwards like it reads forwards, but it must have a word to describe numerical occurrences like this. December 12, 2012, will be the last time all three numerals in a date are the same until January 1, 2101. Or 01-01-01. So! You can save 12% on anything our site, even fabric and quilt kits, through midnight your time on 12/12/12. Visit our Website for all the details: Happy holidays!

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