April 11, 2009

LaVeta, Colorado with Ricky and Alex and Sharon

When I returned from the Maryland trip, I had less than 24 hours to unpack, pack, sleep and catch another plane. This time my flight was to Colorado Springs, CO, the first trip I had ever made to that airport. Because I normally fly out of Atlanta, a big and busy airport, I have a great appreciation for the fact that I can fly direct nearly anywhere in the world. Changing planes seems like a hardship to me. Because I fly so often in and out of such a big and busy airport, I have a real appreciation for flying in and out of such a small friendly airport as Colorado Springs. They even have free wi-fi throughout the terminal. (If you travel with a computer, there is a wonderful list of airports with free wi-fi at http://www.wififreespot.com/airport.html)

I have to admit that, when Angel Hawthorne, the producer for Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson’s The Quilt Show on webTV, called to invite me to be a guest on the show, I was pleased. But, when she told me they would tape in the Colorado mountains in the middle of March I was skeptical. Is is really smart to tempt the snow gods? I guess so! When we landed in Colorado Springs it was the most gorgeous day I had seen in weeks – we are talking 72°, sunshine and blue skies! Now, there had been snow two days before we arrived and a week later they had 24”, but on March 14 it was beautiful!

Sharon Pederson, probably best known for Reversible Quilts, and I would both be taping the next day (the Ides of March) so we had planned to drive together to LaVeta. Sharon is from Vancouver, British Columbia, but had flown in from Tuscon and was waiting at the airport. It took only a few minutes to meet, rent a car, haul out the bags and be on the road to LaVeta. The two-hour drive gave us a nice opportunity to get acquainted. LaVeta is not the end of the world, but as people like to say, “You can see it from there!” This quiet little town is hardly the place you would expect to find a very professional crew taping a WebTV show with a live audience. But that is what we found. Sharon taped in the morning and I was in the afternoon. Ricky and Alex are both so poised and professional and easy to work with, and the audience was wonderful. It went all too fast! Here I am on the set with Ricky and Alex.

“My” show will air sometime between July 1 and December 31, 2009. You can bet I will keep you posted! For more details about all the shows, see


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