March 9, 2009

Ever Had a Marionberry?

I first learned of Marionberries a few years ago at Don's Drive-In, a great restaurant in Portland. The Marionberry is a hybrid blackberry created by the Oregon State University Agricultural Research and Development team and released into production in 1956. It is distinctively sweet, yet tart, a real delicacy if you love berries! The Marionberry was named after the county where it was developed. If it had been named after the head researcher, it would have been the Waldoberry! 90% of the Marionberries grown in the world are grown near Salem, Oregon, in the Willamette Valley, making them a frequent delicacy on Oregon restaurant menus.

If you are ever in Puyallup for Sew Expo, or any other reason, and you would like to sample this luscious delicacy, then go directly to Don’s Drive-in just across the street from the Western Washington Fairgrounds, where Sew Expo is held.

One of the first years that we went to Puyallup, we went to Don’s for lunch and discovered that they are famous for homemade pies. I spotted Marionberry pie on the menu and a tradition was born! Ever since, we treat ourselves to piece of Marionberry pie on the day we set up our booth. Mmmm!


  1. What no comments???!!! These pies have to be among the greatest treats of the SewExpo. Thanks Marti for the great tip. You can order a slice...if they're not all gone; Don's only makes so many each day.If you want a whole pie, you need to place your order a day in advance: (253) 845-1790.

  2. Just found out that Don's only makes the pies Monday through Friday - never weekends. What a bummer if you're planning to attend the SewExpo on the weekend!